Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Get your Christmas Orders in EARLY!

Christmas is fast approaching Aaaaaaargh - My wee girly started nursery again today......I can hardly believe the Summer holidays are over already!

I have put the Christmas galleries online again and have already had my first two Christmas Orders!

If you are looking for something extra special to give someone for Christmas then you could get them a personalised Magical Photo portrait from www.enhance-me.com or how about sending your friends and family a fantastically unique greeting card with a HUGE choice of themes in the galleries and custom bespoke orders at your request.

The approach to Christmas last year was chaos! I am a little (OK a lot LOL) worried about how I will get through so many orders this year with two children but am sure I will find a way to work - even if it means all nighters!

It is important to order your Christmas themed Magical portrait early as it is an extremely busy time of the year, to ensure your order can be processed please ORDER EARLY

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