Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mothers Day

It has been a while since I updated my Blog but felt it was about time I did. Business has been very steady lately which is always a positive thing!

I have recently added some new themes to my website for Mothers Day - with only a week to go there is still time to order a Magical Photo Portrait which are completely unique and would make a great gift for Mothers Day! Particularly from a partner/husband to his partner from the children!

Below are some of the new themes. There are more in the galleries and I can also create bespoke themes at a customers request!
NEW Mothers Day theme - Precious Gifts -
This portrait works well with boys and girls and can be done using any age of children.
You are also welcome to provide a photo of your own hands!
NEW Mothers Day theme - Mothers Gift -
can be used for both boys and girls. Can also be any colour.

NEW Mothers day theme - Gathering Flowers -
I can change the colours and make this suitable for a boy too


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