Saturday, 3 April 2010

Thoughts on Springtime from a 5 year old!

Milly with one of her Bunnies

Happy Easter!

I’ve just been tagged by
Tracey to take part in a Meme that was originally posted by I had no clue what a meme was so thought I would investigate - apparantely it is a list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer. Then someone else sees them and does them and so on and so on. It seemed like fun so thought I would participate! I’d love you to join in too and leave your comments and/or write your own blog about it.

ReadyForTen suggested that we interview our children about Spring (this could be interesting!) I have stuck to the questions
Tracey suggested but anyone else who wants to take part can choose what they want to ask based on whats already been asked.

I tried it with my 5 year old daughter Milly - I asked her "Can I ask you some questions?" She replied "Why Mummy" I said "about Spring for my Blog" Not that she even knows what a Blog is!! hence her reply "Whats a Bog Mummy - you mean a toilet?" OK this is off to a great start!

1. How does the world change in Spring?
"Cos it does - animals are born in the Spring - like worms" Me "Eh....OK!!" Milly "Lambs, Chicks and Butterflies too and bestest of all it's an Easter hunt"

2. Lots of babies are born in the Spring. Where do you think baby animals are born?
"In the tummies of thier Mummies - in the H o s t i p a l!"

3. What did Mummy do before you were born?
"Goed to the H o s t i p a l and errrrmmm........danced" - Yes Milly, that's how you were born indeed!!

4. Spring is a good time to play outside. If you and Mummy could spend a whole day playing outside, doing anything you want, what would it be?
"Go on an Easter hunt and to the swings in the play park"

5. Did you know we moved the clocks forward onto British Summer Time? Why do you think we do this?
"I don't remember" <------Her standard answer when she doesn't understand something!

6. How long is it until Summer? "After Easter.......not long at all"

SO I danced before Milly was can interpret that however you want to!

It's great asking our Children questions - I love how they see the world around them.

Here's hoping she is right when she says Summertime isn't far away at all!

Now over to you......

I am a little unsure of how to do an official meme too (anyone know?) I would like to suggest that a few of my Twitter friends participate (@CharlieMoos who is a fab Business Mummy and runs the fabulous @
Soph4Soph Another clever Business Mummy who owns & my lovely friend @mazmama) could start us off with their interview answers. Everyone else join in too please!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Easter!

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