Sunday, 4 July 2010

Captivate Your Children

I watched my 2 year old son playing with bubbles today and the sheer joy in his eyes that something so simple could bring so much wonder to his day! Sadly children grow older and as the days, weeks, months and years pass by they lose this innocent way of thinking. Santa Claus, the Tooth fairy, and all those other magical fantasies they have held belief in fade away.

Children love anything magical – as far as they are concerned anything is possible, from the ordinary to the completely enchanting. The world can be anything a child imagines or wants it to be.

One of my customers a while back said when she ordered a portrait of her son that she was going to tell him ‘Father Christmas took a photograph of his dream and left it for him as a surprise’ – I thought this was a wonderful idea! Being able to captivate your children, use your imagination and help them hang on to this wonderment is so important.

Sing, dance, play, laugh, create, enjoy and hold on to your little ones for as long as you can – one day they will grow up and discover reality.

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JDI Daddy said...

I completely agree - am with son full-time and try to remind me of how magical every moment is as often as possible.

Special occasions like Christmas and Halloween are now events to plan heavily for to ensure the magic comes alive for the kids as much, or more, as it did when created by our parents for us.