Monday, 29 November 2010

Facebook Challenge

Well long time no post!! Terrible isn't it but I have been so busy with work lately that I just haven't had much of an opportunity - until today when I realise that I can't use FaceBook GAH! (I will explain more about that in a moment!)

I honestly can't believe how
busy it has been this year - beginning to think I need a VA! Just need to figure out in my mind how I could make that work for me and my business! I am so grateful to all my loyal customers who return for more portraits every's so lovely seeing thier children grow!

I was nominated for two awards this year and became a finalist in both! I was shortlisted for the Best Online Business Award in the
Mumpreneur Awards and for the ‘Self Employed Parent of the Year’ in the Mumandworking Awards. Though I didn't actually win either I feel it's such an achievement to have reached the finals for both given the huge amount of entries for each award!

As from today I am taking part in a
Facebook study run by Joanne Dewberry - a successful business Mum who runs the fabulous Charlie Moos basically it is a time managment experiment to find out if we as Mums running our own business really need to spend a lot of time updating and interacting with our customers on Facebook to make it work for us! A huge amount of my traffic comes directly from FaceBook - On average 60%. But I will be the first to admit that I am terrible for wasting valuable time on my personal FaceBook account. I feel really excited about participating in this and seeing just how much more organised I can be.

Must note too though - Day one of school being closed due to snow so my work output is already cut by two hrs!

I may be able to see the irony in this if the school is off all week!!! Wish me luck!

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