Thursday, 5 May 2011

A HOOOOOGE box of rainbow Wotsits! Review

When I was informed that there was a HUGE parcel being sent to Orkney from Jane at Mumsclub (who also apologised in advance for the mess!) I was slightly dubious but of course excited, I like anyone love getting parcels, especially surprise ones! This of course was a lovely gesture given I couldn't make it to the Mumsclub Awards back in April.

So much excitement followed (particularly from my two children) when the (correctly described) HUGE parcel arrived at my door a couple of days ago. Much to Milly and Robbies delight it was a HOOOOOGE box of rainbow Wotsits!! Thier description (don't you just love it!) Actually I informed them it is called 'PlayMais' - Playmais is a natural craft material for children which is 100% biodegradable imposing no burden on the environment. It is made from maize, semolina and water, and dyed with natural food colouring.

Yesterday after school the three of us sat down to give the rainbow Wotsits a go! What can I say - it is BRILLIANT! (Thankyou Jane & PlayMais!!) So versatile and easy to use - no glue is required (one reason to love it!) just a small amount of water activates the natural starch in the maize to form a glue which will stick to many surfaces including paper, card, glass and of course PlayMais. We had so much fun modelling.
My son who is 3yrs old simply enjoyed the fact it stuck together so easily and made snakes....he even attempted a chick which was quite fiddly but the look of glee on his face when he managed to stick a small orange piece onto yellow resembling a beak was wonderful! He was so proud of his creation!

My 6 year old daughter who is naturally very creative was in her element! She made a castle (not life size though I am sure we could have with the amount we were given!), a Princess (with my help), An elephant, Flower, Fox, Tree, Bird, Cockerel and I have probably missed something! I was very impressed with how immersed she became in it!

It is a wonderful tool for developing imagination and the possibilities are infinite - you can cut it, shape it, thread it, twist it and much more. I am going to get them to decorate flowerpots with it at some point.

Probably the best thing about it is though it is simple it can provide hours of fun for a child (and adult if you are anything like me!!) of any age as I am sure far more complex models can be created with some imagination. So what do you think of my Dinosaur!!

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La Clairière Féerique said...

This really is good stuff, I have some too even my teenage son likes it when he comes to visit - last time he made a garden with carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins and no weeds!! Not at all like my garden

Anonymous said...

Well Ihave to say that dinosaur out does any of my creations. I bow at your creativity!