Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Play List

If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.
~ John Cleese, English actor, writer ~

A list of things I want to do with Milly:

  • Go to the beach and play 'shoppies' using pebbles as money and seaweed, sand and shells as things to buy!

  • Have an 'under the sea' party - Float lots of blue, green & white helium filled balloons to the ceiling. Tie green and blue crepe paper from random balloons so it looks like seaweed. Make little fish, crabs, sea horses, and star fish and hang from random balloons at different levels. Replace the light bulb with blue or green bulb. Cut tiny wavy slits in an old lamp shade so it reflects patterns like waves on the walls! We could play music assocaited with water/sea/sealife.

  • Make a rainbow flower by placing it in food colouring.

  • Have pillow fights until feathers fly everywhere!

  • Make a stage/theatre and create a puppet show using old socks!

  • Have lots of picnics.

  • Go to the beach and collect lots of shells. Make shell sculptures with shells and play doh.

  • Go camping at Findhorn (where I used to go when I was little with my parents!)

  • Build a Tree House

  • Travel and see lots of different cultures and sites

  • Make GIANT bubbles

  • Play with a Hula Hoop

  • Trampolining - bounce, bounce, bounce!!

  • Hire a Bouncy castle and hall for a Birthday party!

  • Visit the Zoo lots

  • Make Christmas cards together. Sticking lots of sparkly things!

  • Make our own magical garden. Paint giant flowers and stick them around the wall. Make bugs and fairies....using various boxes, egg cartons, pipe cleaners, mesh etc.

  • Build a snowman, go sledging and make snow angels!

  • Make a dolls house, paper the walls and decorate it!

To be continued.........

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