Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Tips on taking photos for enhancements

I Take HUGE amounts of photos of my daughter! I am what a photographer would probably call a 'fluke' photographer as I take so many I am bound to end up with a few decent shots here and there!!

The best way to choose a good photo for an enhancement is to make sure you have your child’s body within the shot, or at least the upper half. That way I have more scope to create a scene around their pose.

When taking photos of your children, I find that it really works to get down to their level. This can result in great photos for enhancements.

Another good pose for an enhancement can be to take a photo from slightly above your child and get their attention by clicking your fingers or asking them where the light is (in the case of my 2 year old daughter!) This way they will be pointing and looking upwards towards the camera… what could they be pointing at within an enhancement? a fairy, a dragon – the possibilities are endless!

Getting your children to pose can be tricky but also creates wonderful photos to work with – if you have a child straddling a chair or a cushion for example, they can then be placed on a whole array of different things, from a horse in a cowboy scene to a bird flying through a magical forest!

If you are selecting from photos you already have, the best tip I can give you is make sure they are large, clear and not too dark.

Most importantly of all - HAVE FUN!!

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