Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Tried and Tested......

....Ways to keep your child/children occupied while you check your emails!

As a WAHM with a 29 month old daughter who seems to have boundless energy, I do admittedly have some moments (sometimes brief, sometimes not so brief!!) of stress. It's not an easy task to juggle keeping a toddler occupied, checking and replying to email enquiries and keeping on top of orders (particularly around busy periods, such a Christmas!) AND THEN think of all the housework you have to find time to tackle too!

I was O V E R J O Y E D when I miraculously discovered a whole manner of ways - albeit some a little messy!! To keep Milly occupied while I work!

~ Play Doh - firm favourite though she has of late decided it's more fun to stuff it into her mouth behind Mummies back and laugh hysterically every time I catch her doing it!

~ Supply Milly with her Tickle me Elmo, a bib, a spoon, her highchair and a few little cups and plates filled with Rice Crispies or Coco Pops and she is kept ammused for at least 15 to 30 minutes! The mess that follows is quite hilarious but is worth it if it means I can reply to a few emails!

~ Fill a large pan with different shapes of pasta and give Milly a wooden spoon - she loves it!

~ Fill a washing up bowl with soapy water, place it on a towel....strip Milly down to her tights and bodysuit and ask her to wash her dishes - all her plastic plates, pans, utensils - she loves it! Thank goodness for Lino!!

~ Let your little one paint/draw/stick - don't turn your back for too long as you may (to my horror) have a redecorated multicoloured kitchen wall! You have been warned!

If anyone has any other tips - please do add your thoughts! I would appreciate it!

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