Monday, 7 January 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR....Here I come 2008!!

So I haven't found time to update my blog *blush* in a good old while but here I am now - new beginnings and all that! WOW the approach to Christmas was many orders!

My TO DO List for January (you will notice a few creeping in from my last to do list LOL!!)
  • Complete admin for TAXES!! Bleurgh!
  • Re-Design website (with the help of my lovely hubby!)
  • Update my website galleries with more recent enhancements
  • Work on more themes
  • Keep my BLOG, yes, this one - updated! (sure I promised this before!!)
  • Implement 'Buy It Now' buttons on my website (Another familiar one!!)
  • Update myspace, BT Tradespace, profiles
  • Work on another Newletter
  • Think of another competition theme I can run
  • Re-organise folders to ONE main background template for each set design
  • Update News and blog with Family Grapevine and varioue other magazine features, covers, comps!

Ho Hum!!!! LOL

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