Thursday, 2 April 2009

Fairy Talk

SO it is somewhat interesting and a little tricky being able to find quality time to work these days with my beautifully inquisitive and imaginative little lady, who is now four and my boisterous bumbly one year old boy who just loves exploring Ahem, getting into everything! But I feel so lucky that I am still able to work from home! It is not easy understatement - believe me.

So many Mums out there say to me "Oh I so wish I could afford to work from home too, or find something that would allow me to stay home with the kiddies" - We sacrifice a more comfortable life financially to allow me to be able to run my business.....its no walk in the park but it is how we choose to live for the time being! And we are happy!

My Milly-Moo as we fondly call her, (she was named Milly at birth but this former name has become more familiar!) asked me today - "Mummy, why do you make Fairies?" I was charmed by her question....though she was very intent on what my answer would be, I told her "it lets me be creative and do something I love while being able to stay at home with you baby". She replied "Oh, I thought it was because I am a Fairy!!" funny girl!

My Milly Fairy!

Robbie is now walking and pointing and talking up a storm! They grow so quickly - I don't want to miss a minute - no matter how difficult it might be to find time to devote entirely to my work!


Carrie said...

What a gorgeous shot of Milly! I LOVE it!

PR Resources said...

Gorgeous! Your designs are beautiful. I'll keep them in mind for my grandmothers birthday.