Thursday, 4 June 2009

Role playing fun

Playing is one of the most important ways for a toddler to learn. Through playing with mum or dad, or other toddlers, your child will begin to make sense of the world around them. ROLE PLAY can be great fun for you and your child!

One of my favourite websites for finding beautifully crafted, hardwearing and unique items for such play is Traditional toys with a modern twist....what a wonderful concept!

I have a one year old boy and a four year old girl and was trying to find something I knew they would both find fun, I found this lovely little carpenter's belt full of wooden tools and knew both my kiddies would love this. The complete set includes an adjustable clip fastening belt for a snug fit, a chisel, saw, hammer, wrench, square, 2 nuts and 2 bolts. Though the age is 3+ my son certainly loved it as much as my daughter, admittedly he wanted to explore most of it with his mouth but he still loved it and was enthralled at all the different shapes of the tools!

Children love pretending to be like their mums and dads and helping around the house . Now they can help with a bit of DIY, be it hammering that nail or sawing that piece of wood! At a very reasonable price of £9.99 it would also make a great gift and would be ideal for child minders or children at pre-school. My children both love it.

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