Friday, 15 May 2009

Fairy Treats

SO I have always had a thing for fairies (like you don't already know that!) - ever since I was little - the idea intruiged me! I was obsessed with the Flower Fairies and one of my all time favourite books is Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book

I think that people who can't believe in fairies aren't worth knowing. ~Tori Amos

I have come across a number of delightful products to share all with a Fairy theme - and where better to share them than here when I am talking all about little folk!

This gorgeous Personalised tooth fairy hanger is a lovely idea and can be personalised and even better it is under £10 making a great and affordable gift.

I loved these Beautifully detailed pink sparkly fairy themes Alphabet letters from Knot Just Jigs - fun and educational! You can use them to make plaques for a childs room or they can be used individually. I think they would be a great addition to a party bag....particularly for a Fairy themed party....personalising each childs bag with the 1st letter of thier name.

I have spoken of how it can really add that extra special touch to on of my Magical portraits if you dress your child up. One of my favourite websites stocking a HUGE range of costumes is Blush fashions, their Fairy and Princesss costumes are gorgeous and very reasonably priced. I particularly like the Lilac fairy belle costume with wonderful detailing on the bodice and beautiful colours! They also sell a range of other products and I came across this delightful wee fellow while exploring the site: Bug A Boo How quirky, I Love it!

Raindrops are like fairy whispers. ~Author Unknown

Etsy is a wonderful place to explore everything and anything handmade and there are some wonderful little treasures there! I came across these Big Sis Little Sis beautifully crafted fairy wings....aren't they lush!?

I fell completely in love with the FairyTale Bird Cage one of a kind and completely unique.

Perfect for any little girls party are these Personalised Party Bags in a Fairy Princess theme from Personalised Party. Each gusseted party bag has sturdy twisted paper handles, and measures a very generous 20cm x 9cm x 25cm so there is plenty of room inside for party bag fillers, activity toys, cake, or even a substantial packed lunch. They are also 100% Recyclable!

Some other Fairy themed products I liked:

Colourart have some lovely fairy themed canvasses for childrens rooms.
Come cuddle close in daddy's coat Beside the fire so bright, And hear about the fairy folk That wander in the night. ~Robert Bird

If anyone has any other suggestions for products with a fairy theme please do leave a comment!

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