Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tights Please

My daughter is six years old and she is very tall!! I always have problems buying tights and trousers for her. They are always either too long or short in the leg but fit perfectly around the waist or they are far too tight around her waist and fit perfectly on the leg! Bit of a no win really! I now need to buy clothing that ranges from 8 to 10yrs in size.

Here in Orkney you never know what the weather will do – it can be sunny one moment, blowing a gale the next and I have (no word of a lie) experienced four seasons in one day on many an occasion (followed by a serious sense of humour failure!) Therefore I will quite often dress Milly in a dress or skirt but rarely with bare legs – here in this household, we love tights! (OK perhaps not my hubby or son! But you know what I mean!)

Tights Please are an online retailer who specialise in well……tights! (And various other leg wear) – They have a wide range available on their website which is easy to use and I also noticed that their Postage was very quick! I was introduced to Tightsplease via MumsClub

I have to recommend the Country Kids Cotton Blend tights (I received the 8-10yrs for Milly) in Bluebell. A beautiful striped Daisy design in different shades of blue much to Millys delight! Lovely thick tights and very soft….Milly really liked them. They have since been washed and they have not lost their shape as some tights do which is a definite bonus!

Another pair of tights I would recommend are the Sarah Borghi Diamond Opaque Children's Tights (9-10 on this occasion) Milly loved how soft these were, very comfortable yet they stayed up! (Minor miracle!) I like how they could be worn for formal or informal occasions depending on what they are paired with! They also seem to be fairly hardwearing for Denier tights! The diamond pattern is lovely.

So if you are ever looking for tights for yourself or your children then I would suggest having a look at this website for great quality tights and value for money!

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