Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer, what summer?

I can’t believe the summer has gone by so fast. It can be stressful having children at home, trying to find activities to keep them occupied, the never ending mess, the constant exclamations of “I’m hungry (or Ungry in Robbies case!)” and “What can we do now Mummy?”, the squabbling and of course the never ending array of toys scattered everywhere, play dough all over the kitchen floor and more sand in the house than in the sand pit!!

There are many things about the Summer I love though – I liked the fact that my two children were able to spend more quality time together learning how to appreciate eachothers company and actually play together nicely. Those lazy mornings where you don’t have to run around like a crazy woman getting the children dressed, fed, teeth and hair brushed, packed lunches made, bags packed and everything organised for school. Being a little more relaxed about bedtime allowing us to make the most of those light summer evenings!

Me and Milly November 2004 One day old

Perhaps for me like many other Mums out there its how quickly the time of going that is more of a concern – my daughter has just begun Primary two and she has a wonderful enthusiasm for school but how can it be that she is in primary two already when I can remember the very day she was born so vividly? The realization that I may not have any more children now that I have waved my youngest off to nursery this term is also something I am learning to (but not necessarily liking having to) come to terms with.

Robbie on his first day at nursery August 2011

Not that I haven’t been constructive with the two and a half hours I have to myself a day. I was all geared up to use this time to work but for those first few days found it hard to concentrate so what did I do? I decided to participate in a competition that PhotoBox were running called 24Live. The idea of it was that every hour they would give you a theme made up of one word or a sentence and those taking part would have that one hour to go capture that theme using our cameras and upload it. Each photo had to be taken within that hour, live!

You didn't have to enter all 24 and I only managed to enter 15 - I didn't think an all nighter and having to get two small children ready for school in the morning would mix well! It was a great fun, and really interesting at points....some serious thinking went into it at times!

The mess of my kitchen creating props for photos!

What did I subject myself to in order to participate in this competition….I turned the house upside down in order to create props for photos including tipping toys out everywhere and carrying handfuls of sand through the house, I heard myself saying to my husband (during the challenges he was home for ) “What can I do now?”… I realised I was doing this to keep myself ‘occupied’ so I didn’t have to think about how quickly my family are growing up….this all had a very familiar feel to it! But guess what – I have only gone and WON us a family holiday to FLORIDA!!! (courtesy of

The winning photo

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Photographs to Canvas said...

How nice to have your kids toy help you pass the time and even won you a family holiday.

Great post, keep it all going :)