Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Enhance-me take your every-day snapshots and transform them into one of a kind magical portraits.

Though I am able to get beautiful effects, re-dress people and create changes in brightness and contrast within the digital process, it really does help to have the best possible start.
A high quality photograph from you makes all the difference. It does not have to be professionally taken; in fact due to the fact many Photographers these days retain the copyrights to their work Professional shots are best avoided unless you have suitable permission to make use of them.

To begin with high resolution is the key - The photo I use must be at least 200kbs but size in MBs is much better.

If you don't have any photos in digital file format, you can send me any amount of photos by mail and I will scan them in for you. I cannot work with low resolution images or anything that is too grainy, so please keep this in mind when choosing your photographs.

You are welcome to email several photos and this way I can select which will work best with the theme you choose.

Many customers simply select their favourite photographs they have already taken but a few of my customers actually pose their children with my portraits in mind. Both ways work well but the ideal scenario is for you to think about what type of portrait you want, and then set out to take some photographs with that in mind. Here are some tips for taking photographs:

One of the best tips I can give you is to take full body shots, if arms and legs aren’t cut off in the shot the subject can be completely immersed into a scene making it appear all the more natural.

Babies or toddlers: Get down to thier level, often the best photos taken of children are taken looking directly at them...engage them by singing, chatting or playing with a noisy toy. It is best to take photographs of them in natural lighting as this helps avoid washed out colours or photos that are too dark.
With babies, as little clothing as possible is best as this makes it easier to digitally redress them – otherwise often a baby draped with a petal or shrouded in grass can look simple yet stunning!

Often customers mention that they find it difficult to pose a baby, particularly a newborn – You can stand above them and take a photo looking down on them, propping them up with a pillow works quite well and those adorable shots of new babies taken where they are laying on their tummies with their legs curled underneath them work really well for enhancements!
For older children action shots work well – if you want a boy in a knight theme for example, have him charge at the camera (be careful!) Ask a young girl to jump up and down on the bed to see if you can get an action shot that may be suitable for a flying fairy theme!

Most importantly use your imagination and have fun!

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