Saturday, 24 October 2009

The BIGGEST give away ever!

Enhance-Me have contributed to this fantastic giveaway being run by Monica at My Funny Bunny. She is collaborating with many other companies & crafters to bring you the biggest give away ever!

This will be a wonderful freebie. The Giveaway contains over 20 great gifts from contributors such as Baby Not Included, With Hugs and Kisses, DaisychainBaby, Lactivist, KnitWits, Rainbow Totz, Peggy's Knits, Be-Fabulous, Stitching For You, Three Little Bears, Pickled Pumpkins, CuteBitz, Julie's Booties, Kims Creative Crafts, Jolicious Jewellery, Icklebabe and more!

The Mother & Baby Mega Give Away is due to start soon, for now they are just announcing all the goodies that are up for grabs and getting everyone excited! See what the give away is all about by visiting My Funny Bunnys blog.

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Monica said...

Thanks Vicky!

Mwah xxx