Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Let Them Be Children

Lately I have begun to realise that one of my biggest failings as a parent is that I have simply forgotten what it feels like to be a child. I think that this is something every parent should try to it feels to splash through puddles in the pouring rain, to catch the raindrops on your tongue and feel the cold water drip off the end of your nose! How it feels to make squishy squelchy mudpies, collect leaves and pebbles in a bucket and add them to the mix! How it feels to run around naked outside, feel the grass between your toes, the sun on your skin. (perhaps not at this time of the year - not in Orkney anyway!)

As a work at home mum, my days not only revolve around my children but around my business too. At this time of the year when lots of orders come in and my workload increases I struggle to find a balance. I find myself getting stressed and rushing the kids to do things quickly, like have their bath, playing games and reading stories. I am forever dashing back and fore, between entertaining them and checking emails.

I get frustrated if they make a mess, I feel I don't have time to tidy up every five minutes......on top of everything else. I get irritated if Milly runs out into the garden in the morning without her shoes and gets her socks wet - meaning I have to change them before nursery and yet another item of clothing is added to the mountain of washing.....BUT I am realising - I have to take a step back from feeling like this and learn to relax more.

They are children and I want to watch them 'be' children (they do grow up way too quickly).....they will make a mess, they will be unpredictable. Accidents do happen. Being obsessive about cleaning and routine is teaching them nothing, splashing in puddles, painting, baking, making a mess (ok within reason) teaches them so much more.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons. ~ Author Unknown


HLS Business Solutions said...

This is so true! I also think that children grow up so quickly these days, they seem older than they are. I remember my 7 year old seeming so grown up the other month and then asking for something that seemed childish to me, then I realised, at 7 she is still so young, it's just society who seems to want her to grow up so quickly.

I try and do fun things with her and not to let the mess and the dirty clothes get to me, honest, but it is hard when you are working so hard.

And then, when she has gone to bed, and is fast asleep, I look in on her, see just how beautiful she is, realise how much I love her, and forgive her any misdemeanours that may have occured that day, promising I will try and be a better mother the next day.

Time passes so quickly, and its important to cherish each moment.

Amy said...

Lovely post and so true. Our children are only small for such a short time and it passes in the blink of an eye. It's easy to get caught up in day to day life and not take the time to appreciate them and try to see life through their eyes, but gentle reminders like this should serve to help our precious children get all they deserve. Like when you are rushing to get somewhere, and your little one is wide eyed and dawdling, just taking it all in. It's no big problem to stop for a minute and appreciate what they are looking at. It can be hard to get a home/work balance when you are a WAHM but I hope then when they are older, our little ones might just be inspired by us too!
Thanks for the food for thought.

Kate said...

Gosh it sounds like your experiences and mine are identical. I am a WFHM and often experience many of the same feelings and then for good measure beat myself up further because I am a coach so am into the whole being in the present moment. Who better to teach us that then kids. Then at other times I just revel in play like tonight when the girls had me doing ballet moves to Abba tunes!

alybean said...

Me and hubby are a WAHM and a WAHD too.It's hard to keep a happy medium with work, 3 kids and chores.My oldest 7, has wanted a lot of cuddles lately which unusual for him.It has really been nice having him all snuggled up as this hasn't happened a lot since his two sisters came along.It made realise that just because he's the oldst doesn't mean he doesn't want a cuddle now and then.Children need to be children or they turn out to be pretty miserable adults.


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Lorna said...

Yep, I c an completely empathise as I am working on my laptop in the living room (warmest room) surrounded by a train track and lego and teddy bears - even though I only hoovered and tidied at 6pm yesterday!! But hey, they will be grown up before we know it and life is boring if the house is too tidy so good to hear you relaxing over it