Thursday, 22 October 2009

The THANK YOU post!

This post is all about saying THANKS to all the lovely people who have sent me lovely prizes. I never win competitions....but since I joined Twitter my luck seems to have increased and on three occassions I have been sent beautiful items! It has taken me some time but I feel I must thank all those who have chosen me as thier winner.

Firstly....and this was some time ago.... were kind enough to send me an Amber Teething Necklace for Robbie. All I had to do was be one in a certain number of tweets to reply to win one! Robbie loved it.....I had never thought to try these necklaces but had read some wonderful reviews about them.

Apparantly Amber is traditionally known to have calming, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (for pain relief), soothing and uplifting properties and may help children who are dealing with inflammation, pain or stress. Amber is believed to reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach. Traditionally used to fight inflammation, it is known to be healing, soothing and harmonizing. They are double knotted for safety but I never allow Robbie to wear his through the night. I did feel it helped him when he was cutting teeth.

THANKS Littlesunflowers! Your generous gift was very much appreciated (even if it took me long enough to say it!!) Oh and have a peek at the website - beautiful stuff!

My second win on Twitter was courtesy of - all I had to do was Retweet @hunkydoryhome is my cup of tea because...... My tweet below:

"@hunkydoryhome is my cup of tea makes me feel cosy & homely...with a dash of funky retro & one teaspoon of shabby chic sweet!"

Won me a FABULOUS retro striped lampshade which is now pride of place in my bathroom...and may I add will be the ispiration for our new decor when we get around to decorating it!

THANKS Hunkydoryhome! Do visit thier wonderful website - full of retro chique GORGEOUSNESS!!

And......finally my last and most recent win came from for entering this competition - I had to add to the Toddlers dictionary created by Mothers of Innovation My entries came courtesy of Milly who has come out with some fabulous interpretations of words:

Mini-beavers - Maltesers
Nostrils - Minstrels
Hannic - Attic
So I won a gorgeous Rockin' Hood which will help keep Robbie cosy & snuggly in his buggy through the Winter...they are meant to be for younger babies and are probably more useful when baby isn't moving around as much but we love it! A pair of sock-ons anything that keeps Robbies socks on would be a miracle but they do work!! and pack of practical Count On It labels scratch-off food freshness label that tells you at a glance if your food is still fresh or if it should be thrown away - very handy!

A HUGE THANKS to Mumslikeyou and Mothers of Innovation for my lovely prizes. x

So do I feel thoroughly spoiled, yes absolutely - do I love Twitter - YES ABSOLUTELY!!

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